About Dennis


About Dennis

Hello and welcome to my Thompson Family website. My name is Dennis Wesley Thompson II and I maintain this site for fun, for some professional reasons, and to let people know what's going on with me and with my little family.

I have a super wife named Nee-Nee, I mean, Ninah, well actually her name is Clasine but she goes by the name of Ninah, . . . I have a super wife named Ninah, and a wonderful son named Tezcatlipotl Dennis W. Thompson III, or Tez(zy) for short.

Currently I am a music teacher at Hermann Wesselink College in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. I also lead the jazz jam session at the Badcuyp every Sunday, (except the last Sunday of the month) in Amsterdam.

I graduated from San Francisco State University's Creative Arts department with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Creative Arts. That is an interdisciplinary major in which the student is allowed to study from different arts departments. I studied music; film theory and practice; critical theory; and performance art theory, criticism, and practice. In music I began a classical study, but later switched to jazz study and performance. All the while I performed in wind ensembles (on clarinet), and I played outside of school, eventually touring in various bands up and down the U.S. West coast.

I was fortunate enough to live in France for a year where I again toured as a musician. In and around the Brittany capital of Nantes, I opened for The Mighty Diamonds and U-Roy with the TieKiss Reggae Band, and won a contest for my region in very good acid-jazz band. In the daytime I attended the Université de Nantes where in the C.I.F.L.E. program, I studied French (language, literature, grammar), and French and European culture.