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Pribram, the Czech Republic

Rainbow over Pribram. We were finally relieved after so much driving, to finally find our hotel in the illustrious, from the former country of Czechoslovakia; Pribram, the Czech Republic!

Yes that's a Pilsner next to Tezzy and my beautiful wife. Much like drinking the local microbrews up and down the U.S. West coast, or like drinking a Newcastle in Newcastle, I try my best to acquaint myself with the local fare. Only this local fare, Pilsner, comes originally from the town of Plzen, which we'd driven through earlier in the day. Pilsner is now internationally recognized as a standard light hoppy tasting beer. Even the beer glass that you see there can be referred to as a pilsner.

O.k. not too much to do in Pribram. But they do have this cool 17th century big religious shrine that the Jesuits made. (I attended a Jesuit High School years ago . . .) O.k. the shrine is just a big ornate thing where you're not even allowed to take pictures, but they have cool covered stairs that lead all the way from the city below up to the Sacred Hill, Svata Hora.

Inside that tremendously long stairwell from the Svata Hora to Pribram. The stairwell was build for the thousands of pilgrims who would come to visit the shrine.


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