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Performance Photos

I played with the Amandla Poets for about 3 years. This was one of our first gigs, at the Sonoma County Fair in Sonoma, California. Lots of mixed kids, face painting, dreadlocked people, . . . I miss this version of California.

The Amandla Poets are a South African group, led by the singer Dumile Vokwana who sings a lot of the songs in !Xhosa, which is the famous clicking language of the Bantu peoples. He calls his music 'Mbaquanga Reggae', which amounts to a funky sort of South African reggae pop-world mix. Those were some fun days for me. Dig my strap-on reversed key (the black keys are white, and the white keys black) keyboard. I still have that board.

Based in Oakland, California, the Amandla Poets mainly tour up and down the U.S. West Coast. Hard to see me in this photo, but I must've played every outdoor festival and in all the clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Poets before I moved to France. This photo is from Oakland's Festival at the Lake which was the biggest music festival in the Bay Area. You can tell that this picture is from awhile ago because KJAZ sadly went off the year about a decade ago. Now they're only to be found online. That was truly a great radio station.

Thickness in April of 1997 according to the picture. For a reception in a San Francisco art gallery.

On the bagpipes with student Myrte de Graaf playing, The Battle's Over. This is for the HWC 2006 Christmas production.

Upstairs at the Badcuyp. Me on the piano, I forgot the guitar players name, Faroeky on the bass, Pieter Vos on alto sax, and Phillip Lem on drums.

Salsa in Amsterdam with Grupo Sazon.

Conducting the FACE choir in Haarlem's Vishal.

This article appeared in the Witte Weekblad.

With the Daan van Lanen Project, SUNDAY MOON, with a packed Utrecht Conservatorium crowd.