Dennis W. Thompson - Music


21st Century Skills Music Lesson Materials database.

Pagina voor muziek voorbeelden van het Doremimi Koor.

Pagina voor de muziek van het Sannaskoor.

Port Orange - Play Along / Meespeel Versie - This is a computer play along version of one of my songs. The heads are the same, but the solo section is left blank for one chorus so that the soloist can practice along. Notice that this version includes the Port Orange Coda/C section.

Angel Eyes is an old Matt Dennis & Earl Brent ballad. Ninah didn't know that she'd be singing for this session. She just happened to be there, so we used her. I think that she did a great job. This is perhaps the first recording session that I've done in Amsterdam. So it's from way back in 2002 or so. Angel Eyes Musicians

Triste is a Jobin bossa standard that Ninah sings. This one isn't even in her key since as I said, she didn't know that she would be singing for this session. But nevertheless it makes for a fine impromptu version. Triste Musicians

Peace A Horace Silver number that my trumper player collegue loves to play. Peace Musicians

If you dare hear more, you can go to my Myspace page to hear more of my music from some different groups with whom I've played. . .