Ninah and Dennis Thompson . com - Leaving Ijmuiden

England & Scotland - Leaving Ijmuiden

An all night ferry ride across the channel from Ijmuiden to Newcastle with our auto on board was the order of this vacation. Adventurous! Tezzy was happy to play and climb on the top bunk.

I celebrated vacation by ordering of course, some Newcastle Ale. Being from the West Coast, land of the microbreweries, and having known beer brewers (shot out to Marci), I consider it a rich privilege to be able to partake of spirits in the very lands from which they come. This dimension to travel is inexorable to full experience and fieldwork.

Tezzy is enjoying a smaller kid-sized version of Newcastle Junior速 with a straw. O.k., just kidding. It's apple juice.

This ferryline thought of everything. A super buffet with lots of kid friendly food, and then right next to the main dining room, a cartoon room for kids and a ballroom. Tezzy ate and went to play while we could stay to enjoy a drink by the window.

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