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Dinant, Belgium - 2005

The little city of Dinant is the birthplace and family home of Adolphe Sax. Sax is the inventor of the sousaphone. . . just kidding.

Tez with his cousins Pia and Lisa on a freaky sculpture in Dinant. The sculpture has interwoven nude torsos and saxophone parts worked throughout that cut-out part that the kids are standing on.

The city is carved into some really rugged terrain. You see stark cliffs like this one right next to the cathedral. The cathedral itself, the Coll├ęgiale Notre-Dame, has a cool black onion-dome on top.
Hey now I think I get it. Maybe the sharp jutting piece of stone in the sculpture above is the artist representing how Dinant is such an up-jutting piece of land. The saxes and body parts represent; Adolph obviously is the sax, and; the body parts represent all of the lives lost in the cruel Europen battles that more than once ravaged the city. You can read about those battles on my Dinant Citadel page, (which I have to rebuild since the site was again lost).

To get to the top of that big cliff next to the Coll├ęgiale Notre-Dame and to the Citadel, you have to take a funicular.

From atop the cliff you see the onion dome, and across the river Meuse. To the right is the Citadel.

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