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Clervaux, Luxembourg - 2007

Clerveaux is a cute little city that curves itself around the Clerve River. It has 12th century fortress that was modified in the 17th century to look like the big white castle that now dominates the city center.

We stayed right in the center square at the more than 100 year old Hotel Koener.

Another prominent feature of the Clervaux landscape is the church of the Abbaye St. Maurice et St. Maur. The picture to the right is from the abbey church steps.

The people of Luxembourg, and especially of Clervaux, are very grateful to the American soldiers who fought for their freedom during World War II. There are still visible remnants of that time.

As always we did lots of swimming. All of our hotels must have heated swimming pools. That makes for such easy fun and exercise.

The town square.

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