Beautiful Beach

Coming from California, I've seen a lot of great beaches. And I've seen some interesting beaches in France, . . . . and Spain has some incredible beaches, but this spot! . . . If I had to pick one spot as being the most beautiful beach that I've ever seen, it would surely be this one.

I don't know why I don't have more photos of this marvelous spot . . . Tezzy was so into the rocks. He must have put about 30 into his mouth to taste. He methodically crawled along, rock in mouth, crawled along, next rock in mouth . . . Above you have the variation of fresh piece of driftwood in mouth.

I don't like this photo of myself. But Ninah insisted. I have so many of her and Tezzy-Tez . . .

That was really really wonderful day like no other day.

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