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England & Scotland - A Forest Castle

Our Portsmouth on Tyne hotel was very nice, but after a good bath and a good nights sleep, we head further to Scotland. Here I'm reading my Grout & Palisca A History of Western Music while Tez gets in even more water fun time.

The next morning the adventure continues as we made our way up north, continuing along the coast to Scotland. This little English tea and breakfast cafe was so cute. Best scones I've ever had, and I'm not at all a scones fan. Everything fresh baked. Wonderful living.

A forest castle.

On the drive up north there are many castles. The most famous of which is probably the one that represents the school in the Harry Potter books. We did try to visit that castle, but the walk in the rain was in the end too treacherous for a little boy. Later as the rain stopped we happened upon this gem of a castle in the woods, with absolutely no one around. Even the family house of the caretakers for the place was empty. Inside you could lay in such a medieval bed, and even go up to the top to look at the lay of the land between the battlements.

It seems almost silly. But just like at the playground the day before, such little things as a walk in the woods take on a magical quality when you're on vacation in a strange new place.

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